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Apart from our safe and reliable services in Germany, we are also on the road all across Europe. In the future, we will strengthen our international transports – with our usual claim towards quality and service, of course.

Different roads,
different rules.

Transports within Europe are a special challenge. Different countries have different specifications and guidelines, while seasonal fluctuation causes capacity shortages and local laws call for maximum flexibility. These are challenges we are willing to overcome. It’s our goal to deliver your goods safely and reliably.

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New routes,
huge goals.

For years we have both the competence and the network you need to allow for trans-European transport in the first place. We work hard to expand both step by step.

In many European countries, we currently have high competence, partner-like contacts and a broad range of services and work with high pressure to prove ourselves in the rest of Europe. The expansion and planning of export volumes is at the top of our list. With your trust, you can help us reach this goal.

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Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

Non-stop on the move

Every day, we offer various direct trades, extensively all across Europe. Our diverse team provides for maximum flexibility and short response times – that’s how efficiency works.

Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

Full transparency

In Germany, we say: Trust is good, control is better. You are able to easily track the dispatching process via track & trace at all times and receive a proof of delivery.

Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

Special deliveries

You have got goods that require a special form of transport? Especially the fields of high value, pharmaceuticals or chemicals depend on decisive details like special precautions or temperature-controlled transports. Whatever the challenge, we will find a solution.

Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

From one provider

No matter if within Germany or abroad in Europe – our direct service guarantees that your goods will be secure and delivered on schedule. The delivery in a vehicle without cross docking at terminals offers increased safety due to reduced handling and keeps the costs transparent at the same time.

Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

On-time delivery

Of course, on-time delivery is also possible in Europe. Our experts happily advise you on our possibilities in individual countries.

Kleine Spedition GmbH | Overland transport Europe

In line with sustainability

To us, efficiency also means avoiding unnecessary tours. We use our high competence in the sectors of part and full loads to combine routes in a way that ensures that our trucks always reach their full capacity limit. One of our contributions on the way to a more sustainable future in the freight forwarding business.